venerdì 24 maggio 2013

Podcast #13 - Christian S

CHRISTIAN S (Cómeme - Cologne, Germany)

An outstanding DJ – most of all, a true DJ with deep dance floor knowledge. Rocking parties in Cologne since the 90s, making the crowd dance to sleazy underground house jams; hypnotic wild pitch rhythms; modern grooves from South Africa; untold psychedelic disco stories; or to the powerful wall-shaking basslines of his own tracks, like the Cómeme classic „Jagos“ with its tumbling, snare drum roll craziness or the wild jam „The Power Of Now“. 

He plays both nationally – catch him in his resident role in Düsseldorf’s legendary „Salon des Amateurs“ – and internationally. During the last fifteen years he had the chance to show his skills in clubs/events like Panoramabar (Berlin), Goa (Madrid), Total Confusion (Cologne), High Life (Glasgow), Insomnia (Tromsø), iBoat (Bordeaux), Topaz Deluxe (Monterrey Mexico), Batofar (Paris) and many more

On Radio Cómeme you can explore S’ soft side with the most missed and heartbreaking regular show „I Love You“.

Cómeme 22: Die Durch Die Nase Lachen (2013)
One Night In Cómeme Vol. 2: Last Days Of The District (Christian S Remix) (2013)
Cómeme 13: The Power Of Now (2012)
Cómeme 06: Jagos (2010)
Scheinselbständig 08: You (2003)
Firm 02: Continuo (2000)

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