giovedì 29 maggio 2014

THE EMPEROR MACHINE - Like a Machine - Southern Fried Records

Discosafari - THE EMPEROR MACHINE - Like a Machine - Southern Fried Records

Following on from two hugely well received EPs on Southern Fried Records in 2013, the imprint is to release the highly anticipated, next full length offering from electronic explorer, Andy Meecham AKA The Emperor Machine.
Since his last LP as The Emperor Machine, ‘Space Beyond The Egg’, Meecham has been busy on plenty of other essential projects: as well as appearing on the Boiler Room, the so called ‘King of the Weirdigans’ has worked with Erol Alkan (on the Future Four project released on Phantasy Sound) and disco king Todd Terje (Todd programmed the System 700 on the ‘So.Ma.So’ track on the LP) and has been remixed by both Andrew Weatherall and Ewan Pearson.
Meecham however makes it clear that albums are still where his heart is at, as he looks to the release of his fourth LP, “I prefer to make albums as The Emperor Machine. I like to go a bit weirder, which I think you can on an album. I've hooked up with a vocalist on this record and it’s brought another dimension to the sound.” That added dimension brings a further layer of emotion with an LP that balances beautifully constructed songs with Meecham’s much loved electronic audio manipulation.
The album, complete with stunning original art work, kicks off with the fizzing, dirty and indie leaning sonics of ‘Theme From Magical Ring’ which is captivating from the off. Dramatic and epic in equal measure, the album goes on to include a punky, tortured version of the previously released single/title track before sinking into a dubbed out, guitar licked disco groove awash with shimmering synths and Studio 54 dazzle.
Meecham proves his exceptional range throughout the album thanks to tracks like the kicking, vocal led punk-funk-disco jam that is ‘Voices’, the sexy, sultry groove of ‘Pop The Lid’ and insular, broken beat stumbles of the echo drenched ‘Let The Bombs Fall’ with its richly harmonic vocal refrains and acid twitches.
This is another hugely textured, dynamic and multi-layered ride into the psychedelic sound world of The Emperor Machine that might just be his most complete work yet. With a new live show, a single forthcoming featuring Erol Alkan on remix duties and a special limited vinyl version of the album being released for Record Store Day (plus a deluxe version featuring a previously unreleased album called 'Return Of The Egg') there is much to look forward to from The Emperor Machine.


1. Theme From Magical Ring
2. Like A Machine
3. RMI is All I want
4. The Point
5. La Llorona
6. Voices
7. Hey!
8. So.Ma.So
9. Sonique
10. Pop The Lid
11. Eighty Three
12. Let The Bombs fall

TEMPELHOF & GIGI MASIN - Hoshi LP - Hell Yeah Recordings

discosafari - TEMPELHOF & GIGI MASIN - Hoshi LP - Hell Yeah Recordings

This June will see Tempelhof return to Hell Yeah Recordings, this time teaming up with Italian legend Gigi Masin for the ‘Hoshi’ L.P. ‘’Hell Yeah is proud to announce the release of Hoshi, another exciting full-length album project that again involves the talented Tempelhof, this time in association with legendary Italian composer, director and musician Gigi Masin.
Fellow Italians Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani are known for their hugely musical electronica and late last year released Frozen Dancers, their most recent album on Hell Yeah. It was a master class in spacious and emotive sound that was a joy to get lost in.
For this next album, the pair team up with legendary producer Gigi Masin, who played a key role in his country’s music scene from the 1970s onwards on radio, on television and in theatre with his directorial work. Always a fine source of inspiration for newer generations, the likes of Bjork and To Rococo Rot have been known to sample Masin’s sumptuous sounds before now. Together, then, Masin and Tempelhof make perfect sense as a musical partnership as this album proves across the course of its 10 elegant tracks. The album is an exploration of peaceful ambient, of organic musical textures and brain soothing soundscapes that are as classically informed, as they are contemporarily creative. Some pieces are floating and beat-less and suspend you right at their centre, whilst others are driven by light dustings of percussion from far off in the distance.
Words like water, heaven and peaceful spring to mind when listening to this album – its truly evocative and spacious, elegant and vast in its design. Like the synth delights of Vangelis, this album spreads out in all directions – sometimes synths are joined by sombre twinkling pianos, at other times more real life found sounds or occasionally the sound of distant, drifting voices.
Despite the serenity of this album, it’s also a piece or work that really takes you somewhere: as such it’s too moving and emotive to be truly ambient as it retains your attention from start to finish. Come the end you feel like you’ve been meditating in your own world, free from the distractions of life… it’s that peerless craftsmanship from Tempelhof and Gigi Masin that make this album such a breath taking triumph.
Andrea Amaducci, as always, is at the artwork controls.’’


A1 Jolla
A2 The Dwarf
A3 My Velvet Book
A4 Red Venus
A5 Interstellar Bop
B1 Buena Onda
B2 Silver Wave
B3 Joe Jordan
B4 Bow Down
B5 She Left Home

martedì 27 maggio 2014

QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT feat. FINK & MENTRIX - Acid Thunder / Need You - Vakant

discosafari - QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT feat. FINK & MENTRIX - Acid Thunder / Need You - Vakant

For the second instalment from Quantum Entanglement we delve into the misty past, a time when moving parts ruled the dance, when the power of the night rested on a needle and a bassline, and before CDJs calculated the bpm for had to touch things, buy things, and the bassline ruled over all.
Acid Thunder, a classic by Fast Eddie, was the first dance record i ever bought. It was important. The guy who sold it to me, at the time a spotty school kid in his school uniform, was called John Stapleton, and the shop was Sidetrax in Bristol. Mentrix totally gets the kinda NY sluttiness of the original, and brings it right up to date....less of a cover, more of a homage, the entanglement of then and now.
Need You is an entanglement of two very unlikely BFFs... John Lee Hooker and Joey Beltram. This isn't really a cover, it's more like the offspring of many things, times, and moments - it's like the grandchild of John Lee Hooker's track dated the nephew of Joey Beltram's track and lived in Neukölln. Again, Direct - "Techno Gone Mad" on R&S was another of my earliest techno purchases - at the time it was considered "Dutch Hardcore" but now, it's almost cute....


A)    Quantum Entanglement – Acid Thunder feat. Mentrix
AA) Quantum Entanglement – Need You feat. Fink