giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

DANIELE BALDELLI & DJ ROCCA - Podalirius Remixes Vol 1 - Nang Records

discosafari - DANIELE BALDELLI & DJ ROCCA - Podalirius Remixes Vol 1 - Nang Records

Off the back of their sold out album, Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca are set to release a limited run 12" featuring remixes of the highest order. 'Complotto Geometrico', 'Space Scribble' & 'A TV Show' are the tracks of choice, remixed by none other than Andrew Weatherall, PrinsThomas and Luke Solomon respectively. The Weatherall remix initiates with a gentle bounce. The synth lines begin to peak and trough whilst back-drafted guitar riffs ring home around the affected vocal sample that oozes in. A subtle cybernetic atmosphere builds around the melodic rhythm which in turn ebbs and flows through out. It’s seeping with that Weatherall magic, making it perfect for any time of night. After his previous collaborations with Lindstrom et. al. we we're very excited to see what Prins Thomas would conjure up for this remix. Cosmic energy instantly emanates from the mix, giving a lighter vibe to the melodic depth that the Weatherall mix delivered. It boasts slightly more acidic elements that switch the dancefloor mentality from 'steady groover' to 'floor-mover.' To finish, Luke Solomon provides a weirdo-disco rendition, full of elastic synth work, a bumping house groove and plenty of raw soul. Probably the more energetic of the three, Solomon proves that he deserves his place as Disco House royalty.


1 . Complotto Geometrico (Andy Weatherall Remix)
2 . Space Scribble (Prins Thomas Remix)
3 . A TV Show (Luke Solomon Remix)

martedì 18 febbraio 2014

LEON VYNEHALL - Music For The Uninvited - 3024

discosafari - LEON VYNEHALL - Music For The Uninvited - 3024

Leon Vynehall returns to 3024 with ‘Music For The Uninvited’, a collection of 7 tracks meant as just that – a collection. It's a record without skip or shuffle buttons, asking the listener to remember when the consumption of music was an altogether more romantic experience.
Noting rides to school in his mom's car as the main inspiration for the record, Vynehall aimed to channel his memories of that journey by recording the tracks to cassette and threading them together. “I grew up with tapes. I was introduced to recorded music through that medium, listening to mixed hip-hop, funk & electro tapes, Janet Jackson albums, Style Council and Stiff Little Fingers. It was quite varied.”
While the record maintains a strong connection to Vynehall's signature house sound, the British producer uses the double 12" platform to wander through down tempo beats and tranquil orchestral sketches. Despite its eclecticism ‘Music For The Uninvited’ has an undeniable warm tangibility that nods to the increasingly forgotten humanity of the listening process as a whole.


A1 - Inside The Deku Tree
A2 - GoodThing
B1 - Be Brave, Clench Fists
B2 - Pier Children
C1 - It's Just (House Of Dupree)
D1 - Christ Air
D2 - St. Sinclair

lunedì 17 febbraio 2014

CLAP! CLAP! - Tambacounda Ep - Black Acre

discosafari - CLAP! CLAP! - Tambacounda Ep - Black Acre

Clap! Clap! is longtime Jazz player Cristiano Crisci, also known in electronic circles as Digi G'Alessio. With cross genre accolades and support spanning the globe he is already established as one of Italy’s brightest talents, supporters include, Annie Mac, Diplo, Toddla T, Skream.
Here in full chopped up afro-future mode he fuses the hiss-crackle and fuzz of heavy tribal sampling with broad stroke drum programming. The fluidity of time signatures and deft jazz minded drumming gives the Tambacounda EP a woozy and hallucinogenic feel, tracks travelling from deep jungle drama to carnival ecstasy.


A1 - Elon Mentana
A2 - Tambacounda's White Magic
B1 - Tambacounda's Black Magic
B2 - Kaluma

in the waiting to hear this ep listen to and download the podcast made ​​for Origami Sound!


venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

PHIL KIERAN - Going There / Getting Away - Hotflush Recordings

discosafari - PHIL KIERAN - Going There / Getting Away - Hotflush Recordings

Accomplished producer, Phil Kieran, makes his Hotflush debut with a two-track ode to hedonistic flight. "Yes I’m going there" goes the lead track’s refrain. Where 'there' is, who knows? But you can enjoy a soundtrack of sun-kissed piano chords and heraldic horns on the way. As Kieran 'gets away' on the A2, the mood takes a turn for the dark. Lost in the early hours, pockets full of miniature plastic bags and no money…thank fuck for the throb of that kick in these lonely but exciting times.

Richy Ahmed and Ryan Elliott, offer their interpretations of Kieran’s bacchanalia on the B-side with the former creating a barnstorm of minor stabs and attitude, and the latter tearing it up, down, left and right with his broken beats and wailing vox. Gone there. Got Away.

A1. Going There
A2. Getting Away
B1. Going There (Richy Ahmed Remix)
B2. Getting Away (Ryan Elliott Remix)

THE TWINS - You' ve Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic) Ep - Optimo Music

discosafari - THE TWINS - You' ve Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic) Ep - Optimo Music

It has been all quiet on the Optimo Music front recently while energy has been devoted to the launch of Optimo Trax but do not fear, there are a plethora of scintillating releases in the pipeline for 2014.
First up is a stormtrooper of an EP from The Twins. We first met The Twins when they were hanging out in Glasgow before they were twins and were simply known as Julienne Dessagne. By the time our paths had crossed in various European capital cities they had fully developed their Twin like tendencies. A mutual appreciation was born and out of that came the suggestion that The Twins might make a record for Optimo Music. The resulting three tracks far exceeded our wildest expectations and we are incredibly proud to be presenting this Twins magnum opus to the world. Haunting, forceful, transcendent music with spine tingling vocals this EP has perhaps a tad more dancefloor capability than many Optimo Music releases but is also a record equally capable of giving your ears a lot of loving at home.

The EP has been mixed to perfection by The Twins ally, Superpitcher who will be releasing their debut album on his and Rebolledo's Hippie Dance label later this year.

Expect Twins live shows soon.


A1) You've Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic)

AA1) Water Coaster
AA2) Love Monarchy

giovedì 13 febbraio 2014

The Barking Dogs - Limit without Patience Ep - Optimo Trax

Long time friends and allies of JD Twitch, Milan's Barking Dogs run the fantastic Serendeepity record shop in the basement of which lies their analogue sonic laboratory where they create live mutant funk masterpieces. Funk is an often mis-applied term but these tracks ooze it from every pore and you can literally hear the Dogs wrestling it out of their machines. Eccentric for sure but certified dancefloor winners for those bored to death with generic, lifeless, clinical dancefloor fodder.


A1) Limit Without Patience
A2) Last Call to Black Loops
AA1) Licantropus
AA2) Climbing In Turchia

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

RED AXES - Kicks Out of You EP - I’m a Cliché

discosafari - RED AXES - Kicks Out of You EP - I’m a Cliché

Three EPs on I’m a Cliché from 2012 and a bunch of EPs, tracks, remixes and edits on international imprints such as Correspondant, Relish, Days of Being Wild, Throne of Blood, Kill the DJ and more, made Red Axes gain respect throughout all the cold-ravers community. "Kicks Out of You EP" is their fourth EP with the Paris-based boutique I’m a Cliché. It is their last DJ-friendly record (both vinyl and digital) before the awaited release of their first LP entitled "Ballad of the Ice". Three original tracks are included. They feature: a tune in Spanish in "Candela Viva"; some spoken word in "Kicks out of You" (courtesy of their Brazilian punk friend Abrão, the same who featured in their hit "Caminho de Dreyfus"); and finally some unexpected samba beats in beautiful "Too Late to Samba". The reason why these two young guys born and raised in Israel should be that attracted to Latin America is like the reason why they should be so interested in German and French coldwave and other underground genres from the seventies and eighties: it shall remain a mystery. Red Axes are space and time travellers. However, what they send us from their trips is far from the typical postcard or the beach selfie. On the dancefloor, their sound plays with our craving for darkness, our sense of fun and our blue feelings; it frustrates and obsesses us. And thanks to their incredible technique, their passion for the past and the remote translates into something that belongs to right here and right now.


01 - Red Axes - Kicks Out Of You (Feat Abrao)
02 - Red Axes - Candela Viva
03 - Red Axes - Too Late To Samba