lunedì 21 giugno 2010

sonar 2010 | log three

avatarCRI_smussobordojune 19th, 5:46 PM, Barcelona:  Moodymann played all fucked up great classics and The discosoldier is gone crazy. amazing flavour under the rain

avatarCRI_smussobordojune 19th, 06.02 PM, Barcelona:  Space Dimension Controller with a live set soooooo sweet | esto es sonar de dia

avatarCRI_smussobordojune 19th, 08.00 PM, Barcelona: Ritchie Hawtin doesn't listen to vinyl but got a turntable at hisown home.

avatarCRI_smussobordojune 19, 09.00 PM, Barcelona: Uffie makes me smile

avatarCRI_smussobordojune 20, 03.05 AM, Barcelona: Matthew Herbert is going to' play live at sonar de noche.incantado

avatarCRI_smussobordojune 20, 07.00 AM, Barcelona:  Chemical Brothers at sonar by night:  Music 10 visual 10 | what else? The TrueType discosoldier is coming back home directly. Barcelona I love you

end of Discosafari Live Log for Sonar 2010 ... see you next year!

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