sabato 19 giugno 2010

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avatarCRI_smussobordojune 17th, 04.07 PM, Barcelona: Pete Tong is saying good morning playing loud

** curiosity: "It's all gone Pete Tong" is a UK slang used to mean "wrong", first conied by the english dj and broadcaster on BBC radio 2, Mark Radcliffe. The phrase is also the title of the 2004 fictional movie (mockumentary) by Michael Dowse, which tells about the story of a dj who goes completely deaf. The real Pete Tong and many famous djs like Carl Cox, Tiësto, Sarah Main, Barry Ashworth, Paul van Dyk, Lol Hammond appear in the film as themselves.

avatarCRI_smussobordojune 17th, 07.14 PM, Barcelona:  Caribou sound check -  people going crazy | The true discosoldier is ready and powerfull

avatarCRI_smussobordojune 18th,  03.05 AM, Barcelona:  From disco to' disco ....this is sonar.....this is Barcelona .
Going to Moon Harbour party

moon harbour rec
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