venerdì 21 marzo 2014

NOO - Noo Ep - Optimo Music Disco Plate

Noo are Daze Dasen (aka Plastique De Reve) and Sami Liuski (aka Bangkok Impact / Putsch '79). This is a double A side 12" single (plus a digital bonus track that we couldn't fit on the 12" and still have maximum pressing volume). Built out of imaginative sampling combined with analogue hardware, these tracks are phenomenally produced, lush disco string fuelled epics that fully work their magic in a club setting. This is Modern disco, most definitely NOT Nu Disco.

OMD 01 - Noo - Noo EP

A)  The First Night

AA)  No More

Digital Bonus -
Why Don't You?

Optimo Music Disco Plate One will be released on Optimo Music as a two track 12" (3 track digital)  in May 2014. Distribution by Kompakt.

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