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GOLDEN TEACHER - Party People / Love Ep - Optimo Music

discosafari - GOLDEN TEACHER - Party People / Love Ep - Optimo Music

After the success of their first EP “Bells from the Deep End” and their second “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”, we are very happy to present the third Golden Teacher EP with another sleeve designed and made by their fair hands. This is is an edition of 500 as that is all that time allows to be made. We are not advocates of limited edition releases but sometimes necessity dictates. Further copies will be available in the Optimo Music house bag.
Their latest release is a party record…play it loud, preferably with some lasers and strobes, and LET LOOSE.
It s a double A-side release. Party People is Go-Go a go go while the more electronic leaning Love has been cut at 45 so it can be cunningly played at either speed for extra added value love. The 12" also features an added bonus not jazz funk gem, Silver Chalice.
Wild party music from Glasgow from our hearts to yours. Available on 12" and digital, April 2014. Distribution by Kompakt.

OM 23 - Golden Teacher - Party People/Love EP


A1) Love
AA1) Party People
AA2) Silver Chalice

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