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MICHELE MININNI - Tupolev Love Ep - Optimo Trax

discosafari - MICHELE MININNI - Tupolev Love Ep - Optimo Trax

Michele Mininni is from Southern Italy where he says people are not interested in his type of music so he was forced to reach out to Glasgow where it turns out some people most defintely are. Citing his influences as kraut, post rock, new wave and electronic amongst others, this is his debut release and most accomplished it is too. Lowering the tempo somewhat compared with previous Optimo Trax releases, Tupolev Love is a sub 100bpm cosmic trancer while Telekomdisko raises the tempo and heads off into sun drenched space territory. The EP is completed by Michele's fellow countrymen, Boot & Tax's great acid inflected remix of Tupolev Love.

Optimo Trax OT 007 is released on 12" and digital April 2014. Distribution by Kompakt and Rub A Dub.

OT 007 - Michele Mininni - Tupolev Love EP


A1) Tupolev Love

AA1) Telekomdisko

AA2) Tupolev Love (Boot & Tax Remix)

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