giovedì 12 dicembre 2013

Tale Of Us and Vaal - Concor - Life And Death

Discosafari - Tale Of Us and Vaal - Concor - Life And Death

After the sensation caused by its last release, Life and Death comes back strong with another battle cry into the darkness. With a prized new member of the family, Vaal, joining forces with a Life and Death mainstay, Tale of Us, the stage is set for another epic EP from the forward thinking label.
On the A side Concor grabs the listener with its immediate sense of urgency and a beckoning, slightly exotic melody. As it slowly twists and turns, moving ever more insistently towards its peak it propels the listener to a distant exotic land, as a throbbing beat and cymbals accentuate and elevate the tension. Already a mainstay of the few DJs lucky enough to get their hands on it early, this is sure to be one that will lodge itself deeply into the collective unconscious as we make the long march thru winter and back to summer again.
Over on the B side comes Seahnak, an equally beautiful piece of music that manages to present its intricate melody without ever letting its energy dip. Gothic and yet regal at the same time, as the lead synth shoots out the gate, it takes us on a surprising journey as it pushes the limits of what we might expect from dance music while raising our expectations of it in the process.


A - Tale Of Us & Vaal - Concor
B - Vaal - Seahnak

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