lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

ECHOLOGIST - Storming Heaven LR - Prologue

Discosafari - ECHOLOGIST - Storming Heaven LR - Prologue

A diamond in the rough, Echologist aka Brendon Moeller, is undoubtedly one of the most prolific and hard working techno artists in the world. His output has certainly left its trademark on the electronic music world. His 10th album, ‘Storming Heaven’ is a unique sound experience that is flooded with deep emotion. Prologue as a label are always in the pursuit for new and inspired electronic music and this album is no exception. ‘Storming Heaven’ is a fully immersive experience that aims to explore the sonic depths and worlds of synthetic sound that will resonate on many levels. Brendon's intention for the album was to push himself beyond his comfort zone, beyond his previous work, to create an album with a distinct and unique voice. While it reflects ideas from composers that inspired him, he has attempted to personalize and interpret these influences, creating something idiosyncratic and nostalgic. ‘The Frequency Of Love’, the first track shows us what humans can do with machines, and the perfect way to start a journey into this masterpiece. Prologue present this album to you with pride and excitement - dive in and enjoy the sound of an artist in full bloom.


01. The Frequency Of Love
02. Next Exit
03. Guilty Pleasures
04. Tricks Of The Shade
05. Storming Heaven
06. Even If And Especially When
07. Deep Fried
08. Lost
09. Down The Rabbit Hole
10. M13 + DPO
11. Stepping Out
12. Goodbye
13. Destabilize (Digital Bonus)
14. 77 (Digital Bonus)

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