martedì 3 dicembre 2013

MUNK and REBOLLEDO - Surf Smurf - Gomma Records

Discosafari - MUNK and REBOLLEDO - Surf Smurf - Gomma

The Gomma label has put together a new killer combination for their next EP in the form of Pachanga Boys' Rebolledo and label boss MUNK, and when two freaks like these meet for music the end result is always going to be a magical masterpiece. This pairing might sound unusual to some, but it comes quite naturally given that Rebolledo has been a Munk fan since the beginning, often dropping the label’s records in his sets, whilst Mathias has DJ’ed a lot in Mexico at Rebolledo's club Topaz de Luxe. And so to the music – in their own words, ‘Surf Smurf’ is “a dirty sixties surf rock song gone electronic; like a David Lynch soundtrack for a movie he does in 2030.” There are in fact two versions – one from Munk that is full of dirty rockabilly vibes, whacking great guitar licks and grubby hand claps. It builds a well swung groove and keeps you locked there for almost six minutes as all sorts of drums and electric guitars bursts in and out of the chaotic mix. Full of analogue vibes and charm a plenty, it’s a seriously fun track of the sort DJ Harvey would love.
Rebolledo on the other hand offers a 12-minute dub techno orgy that builds around the basic guitar lick and rattles and ripples in all directions. It’s epic and enthralling, taking you on a real journey via its ramshackle drums and would no doubt perfectly fit into a set from someone like Trentemoller. Finally, ‘Got It Baby’ is warm but dirty, sordid yet sexy with its raw claps, squealing acid and organic piano lines all knotting up with each other before the vocal cries arrive and really set the thing on fire – dancefloors will erupt when this one gets dropped, guaranteed.


1. Surf Smurf (Munk Version)
2. Surf Smurf (Rebolledo Version)
3. Got It Baby (Munk’s Bonus Track)

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