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NINA KRAVIZ - MR Jones - Rekids

Discosafari - NINA KRAVIZ - MR Jones - Rekids

Nina Kraviz returns to Rekids with her first release of original material since 2012's self-titled debut album. The Mr Jones EP sees her unveiling material originally made in 2008 - presented on the digital release in original and updated 2013 versions - alongside brand new productions and a collaboration with Detroit's Luke Hess, offering a great way to hear how the the producer's music has evolved over time. The Mr Jones EP features some of my very first tracks and brand new ones: 'Mr Jones' is about a person who is always looking for truth around him and brave enough to always say what he thinks - it was originally made in Moscow in 2008, which I revisited this year and now releasing as both a new 2013 version, with the untouched 2008 version featured on the digital release known as the 'Home Listening Mix', for which I think it is better suited. It was made by a combination of my vocals recorded in real time over a few takes, which then went through different FX, tones and machines to create a kind of voodoo feeling that was unique to the very special Moscow morning on which it was recorded.
'Sheer' is one of my first approaches to making a techno track in 2008. All the vocals featured are my own - I made a few different mixdowns of the track, one of which is available on the digital release with a different structure and mastering. 'Black White' is another earlier track: a stranger-sounding one I began making in a Miami hotel room some time ago - maybe some of that scenario has made it into the track... 'Desire' and 'Remember' are brand new tracks: 'Desire' was freshly made in my Berlin studio one month ago, while 'Remember' is my collaboration with Luke Hess, produced and recorded by us both in Luke's Detroit studio earlier this year, where I convinced him to get on the mic too - it's inspired by a very old poem and about very deep true feelings of one person to another, and a moment when one suddenly forgets the other...


01: Desire
02: Mr Jones (Original 2008 Home Listening Mix)
03: Mr Jones (Mix 1)
04: Mr Jones (Mix 2)
05: Remember (Epic Moment Mix) [*With Luke Hess]
06: Remember [*With Luke Hess]
07: Black White
08: So Wrong
09: Sheer
10: Sheer (Too Much Going On Neurotic Mix)

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