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He/aT - A Terrible Misunderstanding - He/aT

discosafari - He/aT - A Terrible Misunderstanding - He/aT

“Killer Techno” - Hardwax (on He/aT 001)
He/aT (pronounced “Heat”) is a new project from an established UK producer. This is the second He/aT EP to date, following on from the “A Death In The Family EP” release earlier this summer. Limited to a vinyl-only pressing of 500 (which sold out immediately), it was not repressed, bringing He/aT to the attention of the techno community. “A Terrible Misunderstanding EP” contains 4 tracks of fresh, raw, bass-heavy techno; as tempered and toughened as it is controlled, as melodic as it is intricate. This EP continues to build upon the rich history of proper techno from middle England, and also unfolds the next chapter in the rise of He/aT.


A1   - A Terrible Misunderstanding 
A2   - In Various States Of Undress

AA1 - We Made Our Excuses And Left
AA2 - For The High Jump

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