giovedì 31 luglio 2014

Leo Mas live recorded At Kundaluna - 8.30 am

Take some friends, a bunch of the best djs and clubbers of the milanese scene and the italian legend of house music Leo Mas. Bring them to an immaculate valley nestled in the mountains some way after Lecco's lake.

Turn up the music, choose the right vinyls and let the party start! This is what happened in a fresh night of late July, even if we can't exactly say what really happened that night. Happyness, hours of groovy music dancing in the nature with the stars above our heads. Who was there, knows: it all ended as it started, with the music.

Here you can listen and download an exclusive, pure and breathtaking djset by LEO MAS, live recorded at Kundaluna Bar (San Martino, Sondrio, Italy) at 8.30 in the morning.

Leo Mas At Kundaluna - after The Mutant Valley Party on Sunday Morning July 27 2014 powered by Discosafari / Dude Club / Serendeepity / Kundaluna

Now, tell me what the music really is, if not just love.

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