giovedì 3 luglio 2014



Fast shaping up to be one of the freshest imprints around, Hi Phi are proud to present International Peoples Gang aka Martyn Watson and Ric Peet.

This is IPG’s first release since 2010’s ‘Up’ LP and is another determined attempt to create music that knows no boundaries. Having cropped up on quality labels such as Heavenly, Is It Balearic? and International Feel, this duo are perhaps best known for their classic, ambient defining debut 3395 on the seminal em:t imprint. They’re now back with a bang.
Up first, ‘PS’ is a haunting slab of deep, disco house; sweeping synths create a sense of tension as whispered vocals bring a mysterious vibe to the cosmic beats. As the hypnotic groove gets fleshed out with even more twinkling melodies we’re taken ever higher into the night sky. It’s a magical track with a spine tingling breakdown. ‘Saffron’ is no less special.
This one is much slower, with lazily tumbling drums imbued with a sense of dusty Africanism. Star-spangled synths, sun kissed chords and a breezy, beach-bar vibe pervade the track and will have you dreaming of summer days of future past. Aching, emotive vocals add layer upon layer of human sensitivity and finish the track off in style.
The Coyote Low Spirits dub flips the track into a Balearic classic awash with sensitive piano lines, drums that lap like waves on a beach and golden synth lines that diffuse into a humid summer sky.
As we head into the height of summer this new EP is the perfect weapon for any DJs wishing to bliss out their crowds.

PS: IPG are currently making waves with ‘U R My Luv’ (the anthem of the summer) and collaborating with Crazy P, Begin and DIY. Watch this space.


1 - PS
2 - Saffron (Coyote Low Spirits dub)
3 - Saffron

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