mercoledì 2 aprile 2014

CHRISTIAN LOEFFLER - All Comes / Notes - Ki Records

discosafari - CHRISTIAN LOEFFLER - All Comes / Notes - Ki Records

Before his upcoming extended EP Christian Löffler returns with this seven inch sized record. Just like its unusual format this release features two unique pieces of music and an artwork created by Löffler himself.
As on his debut album “A Forest“, he teamed up once more with Danish vocalist Gry Bagøien. The result is an outstanding and beautiful house track born by her fairylike singing and gloomy chord stabs. A more than worthy follow-up to their first collaboration, “Feelharmonia” on the debut album,
The B-side to the vinyl is a dark interpretation of Löffler’s work. As a massive fan of Monokle, who has previously released on Ki-Records, Christian was very happy to have him remix “Notes”. With his very own aesthetics Monokle gives it his sinister touch establishing himself as one of the most interesting remixers around.
The original track “Notes” will appear on the upcoming Christian Löffler EP.


1 - All Comes
2 - Notes (Monokle Remix)

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