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PHIL KIERAN - Going There / Getting Away - Hotflush Recordings

discosafari - PHIL KIERAN - Going There / Getting Away - Hotflush Recordings

Accomplished producer, Phil Kieran, makes his Hotflush debut with a two-track ode to hedonistic flight. "Yes I’m going there" goes the lead track’s refrain. Where 'there' is, who knows? But you can enjoy a soundtrack of sun-kissed piano chords and heraldic horns on the way. As Kieran 'gets away' on the A2, the mood takes a turn for the dark. Lost in the early hours, pockets full of miniature plastic bags and no money…thank fuck for the throb of that kick in these lonely but exciting times.

Richy Ahmed and Ryan Elliott, offer their interpretations of Kieran’s bacchanalia on the B-side with the former creating a barnstorm of minor stabs and attitude, and the latter tearing it up, down, left and right with his broken beats and wailing vox. Gone there. Got Away.

A1. Going There
A2. Getting Away
B1. Going There (Richy Ahmed Remix)
B2. Getting Away (Ryan Elliott Remix)

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