martedì 8 luglio 2014

LURKA - Holding Ep - Black Acre

Bristol acetate carver and drum major, Lurka launches his Black Acre debut with three unpredictable Drum machine battle drills. Kicking off with ‘Holding’ a technoid inflected dancehall pounder with a relentless low-end theory. The anxious heartbeat littered with schizophrenic percussion and alarm bells bursting into an undead army marching anthem. With ‘Nah So’ we are back on slightly more familiar turf, crushing kick drums perform the body blows under intricate hi-hats programming. KMT the most meditative of the three with nods to Alan Howarth’s bleak synthesiser work while high-fiveing Schooly D’s drum machine.


1. Holding
2. Nah So
3. KMT

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