giovedì 10 luglio 2014

BRENDON MOELLER - AS002 - Atrophic Society

discosafari - BRENDON MOELLER - Atrophic Society

Atrophic Society welcomes Brendon Moeller for it’s second release, delivering 2 deeply textured and emotive technoscapes. Wielding a warbled bassline and synthetic bleeps with a masters touch, the title track meanders within a natural landscape, fuzzing and washing around descending chirps and following the call of a distant foghorn, leading us through the Passage to Obscurity. Vohkinne takes the delicacies of the original and hammers them into submission, where the original meanders the remix charges, bringing the distant foghorn into focus as a challenging and stubborn lead. Closing out the EP, Contents Under Pressure surges forward with an insistent Bleep, purging and cleansing itself through gnarling bass, never questioning its purpose as it takes you to a higher state.


A.   Passage to Obscurity

B1. Passage to Obscurity (Vohkinne remix)

B2. Contents under pressure

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