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BENEDETTO & FARINA feat JAW - Your Smile - Leftroom Limited

discosafari - BENEDETTO & FARINA feat JAW - Your Smile

Benedetto & Farina team up with dOP frontman Jaw for ‘Your Smile’ which drops this June on Leftroom Limited with remixes from Barem, Francesca Lombardo and Matt Tolfrey.

French duo Benedetto & Farina have stacked up an impressive back-catalogue of work on labels such as Chilli Mint, King Street, Way of House and Loulou Records. For their first release on Leftroom Limited they deliver a dynamic five-track EP featuring the charisma-riddled vocalist Jaw.

The opening track ‘Your Smile’ leads with soft pads and a shifting percussion, building towards the smooth and hypnotic vocal from Jaw to climax and breakdown into a warm, low-slung summer groove.

Leftroom head honcho Tolfrey teams up with Crosstown Rebels affiliate Francesca Lombardo to deliver a slightly punchier re-imagining, introducing submerged bass, mesmeric modulations and a steady 303 line which seamlessly dances around Jaw’s spoken word vox.
The Argentinian producer Barem steps up next, bringing him with him talents showcased on labels such as Kiara, M_nus and Jetaime. For his edit he works in space-dimensional atmospherics alongside sub-led low-end tones, rumbling bass lines and shifting percussion to deliver an ethereal third provision.

 For the final two tracks the French pair work out a bouncy ‘dub’ alongside a melodic ‘spoken dub version’ which featured as a focal point on Matt Tolfrey and Ryan Crosson’s ‘Don’t Be Leftout’ mix compilation that dropped on Leftroom back in April.

Benedetto & Farina feat Jaw ‘Your Smile’ is out on Leftroom Limited on 23rd June.


1.    Your Smile (Original Mix)

2.    Your Smile (Matt Tolfrey + Francesca Lombardo Remix)

3.    Your Smile (Barem Remix)

4.    Your Smile (Dub)

5.    Your Smile (Spoken Dub Version)

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