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MARTIN DE BRIG - Morning has Broken - Titanic City

Discosafari - MARTIN DE BRIG - Morning has Broken - Titanic City
Emerging producer Martin de Brig is given the honour of inaugurating a brand new label, Titanic City, with a fantastic EP that features remixes from Hermez and Takeski Kouzuki.

Titanic City is a digital and vinyl label with a sound rooted in the classic structures of house and techno. The label will look to use modern methods to promote and share their music and aim to unearth and nurture plenty of new talent along the way, as well as putting on showcase parties around the world.
Martin de Brig’s first single ‘Morning Has Broken’ is a deep bit of house with nice emotive pads, kinetic drums and pleasingly analogue, frayed textures that sound like the most genuine Chicago offerings you could wish for. Gurgling acid lines, crisp lead synths and nicely loose percussion all make for a track that very much announces the arrival of this new producer in some style.  The Hermez remix makes the drums more juddery and layers in more classically inclined percussive patterns that again speak of Chicago reference points.
‘Moving Down’ is the other original, and is an even deeper number with wallowing pads, tin foil like snares and a techno leaning bassline that burrows endlessly down below. De Brig clearly knows how to programme his machines and gets maximum feeling out them here: this is house music at its most authentic. Takeshi Kouzuki, a DJ and producer from Japan who has released on HotMix and Mathematics remixes the track into a stuff, loopy number that takes its cues from Chicago footwork and sleazy ghetto house, and it is a truly captivating track that is stuffed with energy and soul.
On the evidence of this first release, Titanic City is a label well worth keeping an eye on.


1.Morning Has Broken
2.Morning Has Broken - Takeski Kouzuki remix
3. Moving Down
4. Morning Has Broken - Hermez Rethink

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