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PRIMITIVE WORLD / YOR - Obsession Recordings 002 - Obsession Recording

discosafari - PRIMITIVE WORLD / YOR - Obsession Recordings 002
Obsession Recordings presents their second release - a killer split EP between Primitive World and Yør.

Primitive World's 'Purple Caps' opens proceedings - a PCP laced exercise in paranoia, a jerking filtered loop oscilates around a thumping kick and intermittent percussive bursts, while looming minor chords offer the only brief respite from the heavily swung and distorted bassline. 'Tides Of Lust'' 's protean techno ups the urgency with the phantom punch of its caustic toms, skittering percussion and low-res tones that ride the steady pulse of the 808 subs.

'Rites Of Passage Pts. 1& 2' see Yør delivering steady neo-equatorial rhythms - pt1. finds A constant throbbing bass and ritualistic percussion cut through w/ suggestive whispers and breaths that weave throughout as the track vibrates with intensity, capped off by a restrained acid line and rolling snares.
Pt 2. rounds out the package with a cut both jacking and haunting in equal measure - just below the surface of the rolling 909 and post-detroit chords, are the rogue cry of the abstracted re rendered voices and whistling that swim through its duration.


A1. Primitive World - Purple Caps
A2. Primitive World - Tides Of Lust
B1. Yør - Rites Of Passage I
B2. Yør - Rites Of Passage II

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