giovedì 20 marzo 2014

LOOPS HAUNT - Exits - Black Acre

discosafari - LOOPS HAUNT - Exits (LR) - Black Acre

Since his debut in 2009, Loops Haunt has continued to confound and excite with an output as mercurial as it is rare. Toying with Jungle and Hip Hop on "Zenith" and outright sound design on "Ark", the wilderness-bound beat alchemist uses his isolation to explore and even create his otherworldly sound palate. Lurking behind immaculate drums are the windswept sounds of the desolate North and mechanized textures plucked from his Father’s own workshop. Here we embark on Loops’ most complete work to date. "Exits" is designed to be listened to as one continuous track, opening with ambient mood and emotion, layering outboard synths and found-sounds on the title track and "Trap Door". An unexpected calm beginning is shattered in the second act with the pounding rhythms and industrial heart beats of "Howl" and "IIVA". "Exits" is an insight into a uniquely unpredictable talent and rare chance to be immersed in his sound.


1. Exits
2. Trap Door
3. Hollowed
4. Ellum Tonal
5. Run Young
6. Howl
7. Tunneling
9. Hex
10. Fissure
11. Tymadlyb

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