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GERRY READ - Shrubby - Aus Music

discosafari - GERRY READ - Shrubby - Aus Music

At the age of just 21, Gerry Read has already worked with an exceptional cross-section of record labels including 2nd Drop, Delsin and Ramp’s sub-label, Fourth Wave. With a formidable back catalogue of EPs and two albums to his name, the prolific producer steps up for another rough and ready release on Aus Music.
Gerry’s approach to writing music is never pretentious or over-complicated, having carved out a name for himself with a spread of stilted house grooves. ‘Shrubby’ continues in a similar vein to this earlier material, with unpolished beats and unaffected production. His unique sounds are part influenced by playing the drums for over 9 years, “the ‘knackered’ sound…comes by itself from me using old recordings of me playing the drums…using this shit skype mic.” Don’t let these carefree techniques fool you, as big on the dancefloor as your headphones; everyone from Ben Sims to Deetron to Ben Pearce has championed his introverted 12”s.
Providing the sauce on top, Redshape remixes the original’ twice over, with his “Disco Scope” and “Not So Serious Mix.” With a similar attention to drums and raw sounds, the two remixes arm up what is an already strong release.

A1. Shrubby
A2. Shrubby (Redshape's Not So Serious Mix)
B1. Zig Zag
B2. Shrubby (Redshape's Disco Scope Mix)

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