venerdì 28 marzo 2014

Podcast #20 - Hurri Cane at Kundaluna

Escape from the city and drive until you get lost in the mountains. There’s a place where nature still rules gently on everyday life and where strange creatures move through the woods remembering you to love and be loved. In that place, there’s a valley hidden in the embrace of rocks and streams and there you can find peace. There you can find strength and inspiration and joy! Just go through the doors of a magical place called Kundaluna. Open your dj bag and spin some tunes for 3 hours without thinking to anything else, just led by the music you hear inside. Now this music came back to the city and it’s ready to make you feel good!
Listen & Download this pure live recording made by "Hurri Cane" at Kundaluna, featuring Lou Reed, Suuns, Munk & Rebolledo, Metronomy, Moodymann and a bunch of other masters of our times.

Francesca Basile 

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