giovedì 14 novembre 2013

MY PANDA SHALL FLY - Tape Tekkno - Gang Of Ducks

Dancing around a totem, rhythm, groove and few words. My Panda Shall Fly, mystical guru of sound, drags along his 6 compositions, rhythmic machine-gun fire which creeps like splinters into the sound epidermis made of pad and lysergic bass lines. Without noticing you'll find yourself in a limbo where the most absurd idea makes sense, the harmonious chords blur into the dust raised by the dance and everything becomes pure expression. If the volume is high enough I'm sure you already stood up and left your chair.


01. ---+ Beat
02. Fast=G
03. Dark No
04. 0_
05. Trance ###
06. P1 Techno
07. Slow T
08. @ Tune

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