mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

INDIGO - Storm Ep - Samurai Red Seal

Manchester's Liam Blackburn aka Indigo is an artist devoted to sound and its effects on our lives. Now signed to R&S offshoot 'Apollo', he joins Samurai Red Seal for a guest appearance after his debut for our camp with the popular (and now sold out) 'Reaching The Source' vinyl EP for Samurai Horo and a contribution to our 'Scope' LP, also on Samurai Horo. The 'Storm' EP showcases the focused menace the Indigo style is capable of, with tightly wound musical energy bursting through the cracks on title track 'Storm' and 'Volta'. 'Spirit Of The Winds' (with Versa) lets the energy unwind slightly more with a powerful, but ultimately subtle showcase of breakbeats, while 'Condition' submerges the listener in a sumptuous bed of reverb and production finesse. Now working on his debut LP for Apollo in 2014, the 'Storm' EP is a mouth-watering collection that puts Indigo again at the front of an innovative pack of producers working in and around 170 bpm electronica.


01. Volta
02. Spirit Of The Winds (Indigo & Versa)
03. Storm
04. Condition

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