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SERENDEEPITY presents Dance Drugstore Records 1994 ‐ 2000 - Music, Adventure, Fun, Excitement

discosafari - SERENDEEPITY presents Dance Drugstore Records

Dance Drugstore 1994-2000 is the first release of the Milan, Italy based record store Serendeepity run by Nicola Mazzetti. It features a collection of tracks formerly released on 7” vinyl only by Dance Drugstore Records in the Netherlands. The original coloured 7” singles were released in the period from 1994 to 2000 in small limited editions quickly sold out around the world.

All tracks have been recorded and restored from the original DAT-tapes and vinyls. This will be the first time the tracks are available on a larger format and in prestine sound quality. The compilation exclusively holds one previously unreleased track from the same time period. There are 8 tracks in total compiled from the original 7”s.

All have been written and produced by Miss Elke K., Hennie V. and friends in various analog homestudios across the Netherlands. The tracks have been recorded with classic machines such as the Roland TB303, CR8000, TR606, TR808, Korg MS10, Speak & Spell Machine, Casio keyboards and more. The Dance Drugstore label supported classic analog acid and techno sounds only. Their ambition was to spread music, adventure, fun, excitement.

The vinyl only release comes in a full colour cover containing 2x 12”, and a 30x30 insert with sleeve notes and photos. A limited edition of 50 copies contains a bonus original 7” and a sticker.


A1. Miss Elke K. - I.O.U.A.C.I.D.
A2. Zoofea - Untitled
B1. Dimitri S. - Filter Slide
B2. Matko - Ellipse
C1. Beaufort 106 - Storm Warning
C2. Miss Elke K. - Danger *
C3. Deflection - Why Me
D1. Miss Elke K. - L.O.T.T.E.
D2. Mathen - Jazzcid

Format: 2x12”
Cat no: SER-­‐001
Label: Serendeepity
Distribution: Rush Hour

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