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CLAP! CLAP! - Tambacounda Ep - Black Acre

discosafari - CLAP! CLAP! - Tambacounda Ep - Black Acre

Clap! Clap! is longtime Jazz player Cristiano Crisci, also known in electronic circles as Digi G'Alessio. With cross genre accolades and support spanning the globe he is already established as one of Italy’s brightest talents, supporters include, Annie Mac, Diplo, Toddla T, Skream.
Here in full chopped up afro-future mode he fuses the hiss-crackle and fuzz of heavy tribal sampling with broad stroke drum programming. The fluidity of time signatures and deft jazz minded drumming gives the Tambacounda EP a woozy and hallucinogenic feel, tracks travelling from deep jungle drama to carnival ecstasy.


A1 - Elon Mentana
A2 - Tambacounda's White Magic
B1 - Tambacounda's Black Magic
B2 - Kaluma

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