venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

ARCHIE PELAGO - Lakeside Obelisk - Archie Pelago Music

Forthcoming in January 2014, Archie Pelago will release the Lakeside Obelisk EP, an ambitious release that further pushes the sonic boundaries established from the trio’s previous records. Clocking in just under 30 minutes, the Lakeside Obelisk EP visits higher tempos and pays homage to classic sounds while remaining steadfastly original.
The A Side starts with the melodic house gem D’s Diamonds, which evokes images of a blissful youth, a colorful and playful start before dropping the listener into Chilly, an uptempo joint that features powerful percussive hits with warm pads that blanket the song. The third track, Lakeside Obelisk, can only be described as a psychedelic trip through a candy factory, which touches upon every element from the diaspora of breaks and jungle riddims.
On the B side, Archie Pelago ventures back into an epic, sidewinding, journey with the 9-minute odyssey known as Neighborhood Mephisto that builds under pressure until it explodes into a full-on sonic catharsis. But it’s the last song on the record that truly leaves the most lasting impression and reminds us that we’re witnessing the growth of greatness from this young and inspiring trio. Saturn V, simply put, is a beautiful piece of art, carefully crafted and delicately blended between the raw and the deliberate, the synthetic and the organic. It’s a fully realized vision that leaves a haunting glow in its wake, rendering you emotionally spent while anticipating for whatever the trio do next.


01. D's Diamonds
02. Chilly
03. Lakeside Obelisk
04. Neighborhood Mephisto
05. Saturn V

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