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VARIOUS ARTISTS - I Robots presents The Balance Ep - Opilec Music

discosafari - VARIOUS ARTISTS - I Robots presents The Balance Ep - Opilec Music

Back in July, Balance Recordings boss and deep house pioneer Chez Damier licensed three tracks from Opilec Music to release on vinyl on his own imprint. Now the Opilec Music label is digitally re-releasing the EP with a very special extra track, meaning that I-Robots, Jordan Fields, Federico Gandin and proto-house come Italo disco stalwarts Klein & M.B.O will all appear on the release.
First up is I-Robots – ‘Streets Of Dongguan’ (previously released on We Are Opilec...! Vol.II). This track is inspired and dedicated to Dongguan, Huang Jiang, a city in China where I-Robots has a second home and a daughter called Barbie. It’s a low-slung bit of house funk, with the organic pitter-patter of congas interacting with a dubby bass guitar riff. Over the top are vocals recorded in the street in Huhang Jiang in the summer 2012. The voice is a poor street seller trying to sell insect poisons whilst driving a bicycle and it is a subtle addition that has a big impact.
Next up is Jordan Fields with ‘Pink Lilies’ (taken from the forthcoming Jordan Fields album The Sound Of Chicago 1986-1991 - The Lost Trax, also on this label.) It is a lost track from the late 80s/early 90s and has a classic Dance Mania/Trax sound, with pinging drums and mournful synth lines coming together in raw house fashion.
Then comes Federico Gandin with ‘A Sonic Day On The Milky Way’ (which was first released on his debut album, Legion Of The Lost Dream). Derrick May is a big fan of the album and always plays tracks from it in his DJ sets, as well as recently including one track in his Heartbeat mix compilation. Also I-Robots included two Gandin tracks in his Movement Torino compilations.. The track is a dense bit of house with scattered drums and many different rhythmic elect’s from wooden sounding percussion to glowing synths and it really works listeners into a controlled frenzy in some style.
Finally, the extra special inclusion is Klein & M.B.O. – ‘Last Call’ (I-Robots Reconstruction Take II) which is taken from a forthcoming release that will also include another Reconstruction from I-Robots and an exclusive Gene Hunt Chicago remix as well as a Headman/Robi Insinna rework and the original and unreleased version. This I-Robots Reconstruction is inspired by the early Chicago house sound and comes with rough and ready drums, bleepy, heady melodies and plenty of thick, gravelly baselines. It’s a classic and sympathetic remix that nods its hat to house history at the same time as looking to the future.
Once again this is a carefully considered and hugely cultured package from the ever on point Opilec Music label that offers some essential sounds for fans of proper house music.
The artwork for this release is provided by talented Japanese artist Tamami Saito who is working alongside the label to provide unique covers for a selection of Opilec’s records.


1. I-Robots – Streets Of Dongguan
2. Jordan Fields – Pink Lilies
3. Federico Gandin – A Sonic Day On The Milky Way
4. Klein & M.B.O. – Last Call (I-Robots Reconstruction Take II)

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