venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Podcast #18 - Clay

Clay started to buy, collect and then play records inspired by the most notorious of the 90's from New York, Chicago and Detroit in his magical, grunge attic! Within a short time he began to play at private parties and then progressed up to the best clubs of that time, such as The Base, Fluid, Pulp, De Sade, Echoes and many others.. In 2005 he started to work with Gloss Club, which enabled him to play with underground artists like Boris Werner, Art Department, Solomun, Margaret Dygas, Ilario Alicante, Jimpster, Droog, Bill Patrick, Laura Jones, Memoryman, Dana Ruh and many others.
With some finished tracks we can foresee that 2013/14 will bring his music efforts to life.

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